25 August 2019


I, alone, and with just one spur...

More than one write up thought to mention to make sure the return of the jet-hose terminated in the cup at the bottom of the pump housing.

I was pretty sure I had not.

So I dropped the tank again.

Did it in record time.  51 minutes from start to finish!  I barely even cussed!

Sure enough, I'd had it outside dumping into the tank itself.

I'm not sure it would have done any harm out there, but...


  1. Congratulations on your fuel tank repairs. You are tenacious to say the least. I know I never liked that job,never did enough of them to be proficient.The fuel line design is asinine at best.Is the clutch next? Don't know if will help but those cable spline fingers can be released with a 13mm or 1/2" thin wall box wrench or a KD special tool designed for the purpose. I seen your photos of the clutch parts, they all GM? Just asking cause the aftermarket kits usually contain the clutch plate alignment tool.Not being presumptuous but I'd hate to see you delayed not having one. Your Vette sure is clean underneath,aside from the exhaust looks like all the bolts turned easily. I'd wish you luck but you don't need it. Allan

    1. After scads of research I determined that LuK made the original clutch, flywheel and throwout bearing; so I saved some money and got that brand.

      Their kit comes with the pressure plate, disc, both bearings and the slave. I got a flywheel too.

      I can tell there will be cussing when it comes time to get to the bellhousing bolts.

      However, this is the kind of wrenching I'm familiar with.

      Thanks for the tip about the slip-clips.


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