25 August 2019

The Tank Is In

Driver's side tank is returned to its comfy abode in the fender.

The tank-crossover pipe put up one hell of a fight that turned out to be me missing something minor.

There's a snap connector for the evap system that can fall down on top of the tank connector and keep the collar lock from getting all the way flush.

We taped the offending line up out of the way and got it to where we could turn the collar and lock it down.

What we were worried was happening was I'd gotten one or more of the FOUR o-rings in the wrong order or something.

For the record:  Install them in this order.  Dark green, yellow, small black plastic retainer.  The large black plastic retainer goes on the snout of the crossover and seats when the collar locks.

Pic from this thread https://www.corvetteforum.com/how-tos/a/c6-c7-corvette-how-to-replace-the-fuel-filter-368703

In over 20 videos of someone doing this job not one person has recorded doing it where you can see what's going on.

I am not a videographer.

I am worried about things that I cannot readily check.

Is the jet line from the passenger side to the driver's side going where it's supposed to?  You can't really see what your doing when routing this.

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