15 August 2019

This Is Your Fault Chuck

I hope you're proud of yourself, Senator Schumer.

AR500 has their Tetsudo Gen 2 with two Level III plates on sale for 41% off.

In 12 weeks or so, a coyote brown model will show up here for me to check out, wear a couple of times and toss in the gun closet.  It will go nicely with the PASGT vest in there.

I'll be buying some pouches and possibly configure it to replace the 5.11 Tactical Purse for hurricane looter prevention.

I didn't even want one until Chuck suggested that "advanced" body armor be banned.

1 comment:

  1. I ordered them, too. In black.
    When I first saw the offer, the lead time was 10 weeks. By the time I placed the order it was 16.

    Methinks they're getting a bunch of orders.


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