08 August 2019

Why Not An 1873?

I've long wanted a cowboy type lever gun.  In .45 Colt, which they were not chambered for back when.

I've gravitated to the odd and strange like Spencers and Colt-Burgess'.

What's common is repops of Winchester '92's.

Today I saw me an Uberti clone of a Winchester '73.  In .45 Colt.

Does it get more iconic Cowboy than that?

Well... except for the chambering.


  1. I have an Uberti '73, but in 357. I love that rifle. With reloading, I feed it for about 6 cents a round for plinking ammo

  2. My understanding is that .45 Colt is not a good round for a lever action due to the small rim of the case.

    Either .357 or 44 magnum is a choice.

    Also .44-40 if you want a more historically accurate cartridge.

    1. That's "...a better choice."

    2. This is not a practical decision. It's to match my Peacemaker and Anaconda.

  3. This is an interesting discussion. I've been strangely drawn to rifles that shoot the same caliber as my handguns (I think there was even a previous discussion of that here), and I've got that in spades with my various .22s. But I've been thinking I want something larger.

    The odd thing is, I'm just not attracted to .357/38 or .44 Mag lever guns: I can't explain why, they just don't appeal to me.

    .45 Colt, though, that does sound attractive. I can see carrying one of those with a S&W in a nice holster.

    .44-40 is also appealing, though my .44-40 revolver is a safe queen, so I'd have to find another shooter grade one if I went that route.

    Is the Uberti stuff built well? I think Uberti makes some other guns that appeal to me, but I'd hesitate to buy one unless I got first-hand reports from somebody with experience.

    (Also kind of appealing, but I don't see the practical value, and it's a lot of money to spend for "fun": the Rossi Ranch Hands. Granted, they would let me do Steve McQueen cosplay for a lot less than it would cost to buy a Bullit Mustang...)


  4. If you want something different in a pistol caliber rifle, Ruger has made .357 and .44 magnum bolt action rifles for a while, with a rotary magazine to prevent rim lock. There is also a gunsmith who does 9 mm conversions of Rock Island .22 TCM rifles to make a modern destroyer carbine.

  5. MIne's in 44-40, but it's also original... And I have the Frontier 6 in 44-40 to go with it. Sadly, the pistol isn't in shootable condition. I'd go with the .357, since you can also shoot .38 out of it.

  6. The Lovely Harvey is the .357 Magnum shooter in this house.

    .45 Colt is what I have settled on.

    Not for nothing, there's no .44 Magnum in the house and nothing to shoot it. There are already two revolvers in .45.

    Don't make me rage buy this gun!

  7. I used to have a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70, until it got stolen.


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