10 August 2019

Wasn't I Just Talking About This

Poland welcomes the idea of moving US troops out of Germany to Poland.

It sucks to be pulling your weight and watching deadbeats mooch.

They should file paperwork to kick Germany out of NATO.

Prolly find a technicality that Germany was never a member and since West Germany no longer exists...


  1. Poland, who actually has working Leopard tanks, rather than Germany, which doesn't.

    That must offend your inner-tanker, doesn't it? (The Germany has few working tanks part, that is. I'm all for the Polish having as much armor as they want. Because, the way things are going, another Siege of Vienna will happen and Western Civ will need the winged hussars to ride again.)

    Plus, well, the Poles are neat people.

  2. I think NATO is one of those things whose usefulness is over. Kind of like the Holy Roman Empire. Time to dissolve it, and let the damn Europeans do what they please. As shambolic as Russia is, I don't see them rolling through the Fulda Gap any time soon.

  3. Sounds like a plan, given that 5th Infantry Division is no longer part of the US Army's order of battle.


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