14 August 2019

More Detail On That Ebola Treatment

How it works.

I fervently hope that they manage to eradicate this disease and idiots don't manage to bring it back decades later.

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  1. Now for the bad news:

    Ebola Treatment centers in Africa only do palliative care.
    They wipe up bloody vomit and diarrhea, and wipe fevered heads with wet cloths. That's about it.
    They cannot afford anything more.

    They can't even treat influenza there, and cannot afford to do that either. 24/7/365/forever.

    The antiviral therapy may help here, if anybody has it available.
    The outbreak death rates there are 75% with everything that is done, which is functionally nothing.
    It's closer to 90% with people who seek no treatment. Both, exactly like always.

    And bear in mind, all of them already start out under-vaccinated, malnourished, and under assault from a witch's brew of diseases every day that would be the envy of anyone in medieval Europe.

    In short: hey, that's great, like the vaccine, it will help curb things in the First World.
    So good news for anyone who gets into one of the 15 BL-IV treatment beds here in the U.S.

    But conditions in the country ranked 226th out of 228 on annual income, infant mortality, medical care, and every other international metric, aren't going to improve, because they Big Pharma companies aren't going to fly in 100M doses of the new wonder treatment, and put it in candy to pass out so everyone takes it.

    And the people who get Ebola, from whatever source, even if they get the new treatment, will remain, exactly like chicken pox survivors, with the virus dormant in them pretty much for the rest of their lives (they find Ebola virus every time they check survivors, so far), and suffer the predations of repeat outbreaks months and years later, and side effects of Post Ebola Syndrome like eventual blindness, and lifelong crippling joint pain, which this, AFAIK, doesn't do anything about.

    This is somewhat good news if it pans out for countries who have what we would consider actual medical care.

    It's virtually meaningless for any country between Cairo and Capetown, probably forever.
    But I'll dig deeper, and add it to next month's update.

    The other downside is this will reinforce the tribal superstitious idiots there, who say the disease is just being used (though not introduced) by the West to experiment on the locals. Which is basically exactly what's happening.


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