13 August 2019

Clutching Flies

The flywheel arrived!

Just in case you didn't know how this all works.

The flywheel bolts to the rear end of the crank-shaft and spins with the engine.

The clutch disk attaches to the transmission's input shaft via splines in the center.

The pressure plate, cover and diaphragm bolt to the flywheel and spin with the engine.

What happens...

When you lift your foot off the clutch the springy fingers of the diaphragm press the pressure plate against the clutch disc and squish it against the flywheel.  It's kind of like brakes in reverse.  The friction material on the disc skids against the pressure plate and flywheel and that spins up the transmission.


1 comment:

  1. You know, that flywheel is almost too pretty. Satin finish with shiny highlights?


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