20 August 2019


Got the X-pipe separated from the cats at the front end.

Loosened the clamps to the mufflers at the back end.

Yup.  Them things is stuck.

I can't get enough wiggle on them by my lonesome to get them to start walking off.

It's little things like this which are the most frustrating.

I've soaked the joint with PB Blaster in the hopes that it will work its magic and loosen them.


  1. PB Blaster is pretty good stuff. Much better than WD40. The only other similar product I buy anymore is Kano Kroil. Which is much slower than PB Blaster but is still great for really stubborn stuck metal.

    1. Kroil and heat is for when PB fails.

    2. Absolutely correct. If Kroil + heat doesn't do it then you probably need to consider something like a sawz-all or a die grinder.


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