11 August 2019

Then Why Use A Rifle Round

From the previous post, you might wonder why your character would want one of the rifle caliber lever guns when the damages are so very similar.


.357 Magnum from a 16" or 20" barrel gets 560/3,400.
.38 Special from a 16" or 20" barrel gets 280/2,300.
.44 Magnum from a 16" barrel gets 410/2,800.
.44 Special from a 16" barrel gets 200/1,900.
.45 Colt from a 20" barrel gets 320/2,500.

.30-30 from a 16" or 20" barrel gets 700/3,000
.300 Savage from a 24" barrel gets 850/4,100.
.308 Winchester from a 24" barrel gets 1,000/4,200.
.45-70 from an 18.5" barrel gets 400/2,600.

On the other hand you get more shots with the pistol rounds.

10+1 shots with the 20" barrels, 8+1 with the 16" barrels.

The rifle caliber guns mostly get five shots.  6+1 for the 20" .30-30 but just 4+1 for the .45-70.

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