21 August 2019

Being Frugal

My shifter is going to fail soon.

The rear bushing has lost its seal.

The boot is disintegrating.

The replacement has turned out to be something of a quest.

I found two part numbers that seem to correspond to my car.

25827727 and 24279574.

Depending on what site you go you will find that either number is correct or incorrect.


So I went to the stealership and asked them to look it up, they use my VIN to get a match.

25827727 is correct.  It's the part that my car came with.  It has been discontinued.

24279574 is also correct!  It's the latest version of the shifter.

Now the fun really begins.

Searching for the first part number got me a hit on ebay for the second part number.  It says that it fits 2005 to 2019; that's both C6 and C7.  I notice that the seller is a dealer I've bought parts from before; so I go to their site.

24279574 is listed as fitting just 2014-2018 there (C7).

Even MORE fun!  The prices are different.  Buying from ebay is $169.99 with free shipping.  Buying direct from them is $181.41 plus $12.04 shipping.

You might ask, "why not aftermarket?"

Hinson ($329.00) Hurst ($281.64) and B&M ($288.30) both have replacements for the shift lever, this addresses the failing boot.  They do not address the failing rear bushing.

MGW ($369.00) addresses both the rear bushing and the failing boot.

All the choices let me keep my spiffy white shift-ball.

The thing is, I'm not unhappy with the stock shifter.  They really did make it light-years better than the 2007 and earlier versions.  And it's $200 cheaper than the aftermarket that addresses the same problems.

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  1. McThag, your part number adventure is not so unusual. I've got a '03 Ford Ranger that I'm pretty proactive with (after 187K miles). I'm constantly finding the same sort of P/N succession and having to do lots of research to make sure of getting the right parts.
    Best of luck with the Vet! Keep hammering & take a break when you get frustrated.


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