09 August 2019

Chilling Effect

I think we're poised to explore new legal territory.

With doxxing being a thing and protesters showing a propensity towards violence we're seeing a chilling effect on making political contributions and speech.

Making contributions to a candidate is protected political speech.

Owning firearms is supposedly a protected right, but red-flag laws are serving as a damper on speech out of fear that the doxxers will report one to the cops with a made-up threat.

It will be interesting to see how the courts shake out and protect our rights, or not.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Angus;

    Yeah the DOXXers and SWATTers will do that hoping to have a lawful gun owner shot by the police and they will believe in their heart that they did "the right thing" that is the danger of what they are doing. It will take us lawful gun owners being really cool as a cucumber with the popo and then the popo pushing charges in the false report. this will need to happen quite a bit before the left will back off this course of action. It is part of the great plan to basically marginalize us before the 2020 elections.


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