24 August 2019

The Tank Is Out

It was completely full of gas, thank goodness JT was here to help.

We transferred the gas to Harvey's car.

Slimy varnish coated tank flange...  Evidence of fuel pooling in the support tray.

Crack in the exit elbow.

This is the absolute worst fuel pump swap I've ever had to deal with.

First, the opening is exactly the same diameter as the pump.

No allowance for flexing at all, which meant that we had to literally destroy the assembly to get the damn thing out of the tank.  There's a cup encompassing the bottom of the assembly which is held by three tabs and clips.  These tabs tend to catch on the tank opening and unclip.  This makes the assembly the wrong shape to get out the hole.  This came up later with the NEW pump too.

The siphon line that runs from the drivers side tank (this tank) to the passenger side tank has to be removed from the pump assembly while you've got it about half-way out.

The siphon line is what runs the venturi pump on the passenger tank.  Pressurized gas is run from the line that attaches to a fitting on the pump over to the passenger side.  The other line just dumps back into the driver's side tank from the effects of the venturi pump.

These lines need to be attached to the pump assembly when you have it about halfway back into the tank.  Remember those tabs?  While maneuvering the assembly around to get the lines attached they tend to disconnect.  UGH.  Luckily, you can get them snapped back on by dropping the lines and shoving the assembly down to the bottom of the tank.

Oh, to get the lines up to their locations on the pump assembly?  You need to attach a wire or something to fish them up into the open center of the assembly and do a LOT of fiddling around to get them lined up and connected.

All of this without tangling them up in the wire for the level sender.

This is a stupid design.  The engineer who designed this should be forced to do R&R's of their design in Hell.

But we have the tank back together and we should be able to get it back in the car tomorrow.

Thanks to GM putting a priority on assembly, most of the frustrations from today should be simply clicking things together.

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