18 September 2019

Testudo Gen 2

Waiting impatiently for it to arrive.

The plate carrier is 3 lb 6.5 oz.

Level III 10x12 plates 8 lb. each.

Triple mag pouch for six AR magazines 0.4 lb.

Double mag pouch for two pistol magazines 0.5 lb.

IFAK 1.5 lb.

Camelbak® ChuteMag 1l canteen and carrier 1 lb. 5.9 oz.

OKC 3S bayonet and scabbard 1 lb. 4.9 oz.

M12 Holster 0.5 lb.

Grand total of 23 lb.

Add six loaded PMAG Gen M3 magazines 1.1 lb. each.

Add two loaded M&P 9 magazines 0.7 lb. each.

Add a loaded M&P 9 2.2 lb.

Add a liter of water 2.2 lb.

35.4 lb. of hurricane looter prep!

This is up a bit from the 19.5 lb of the 5.11 Tactical Purse Bailout Bag and the same gear.

What the purse bailout bag lacks is 42 points of semi-ablative, non-healing DR for the chest and vitals (front and back only).  In fact, nearly the entire increase in mass is from the plates.

I should also add two 5.9 oz. each trauma pads to this ensemble as well, they don't seem to have a GURPS effect.  This brings the all-up weight to 36.1 lb.

This should be compared to the PASGT/ALICE system:

29 lb. with DR 5/2* over the chest, abdomen and vitals; plus you get a folding entrenching tool!

M1956/67 gear and M69 flak vest totals up to 29.6 lb. with an addition of an entrenching tool for DR 4/2* over the chest, abdomen and vitals.

This kit in Technomancer probably wouldn't get the 1,000 energy and $375,000 spent to make the plates half the mass; but 200 energy and $3,000 to drop the plates to 6 lb. each might be worth it...  Probably no.


  1. Curious about your headline there Angus.

    Testudo in my native Spanish (River Plate area) means someone with big brass cojones and can be seen as derogatory. Just curious is all.

    Sorry about the deletion, found a spelling error to correct and did not use the preview, my bad.

    1. AR500 calls one of their plate carriers such. I think they're aiming at latin and turtle.


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