01 November 2016

Why Hi-Point Why

A .380 Carbine?

I'm just at a loss.

I know they make a 9mm version already, and isn't 9x19 cheaper than 9x17?

Wouldn't cheaper ammo be more fun if this is a fun gun?

I'm baffled.

I'm not going to condemn it.  Strange and odd are allowed!

Just because I can't see the need... well I collect .25 Autos and I am certain that a High-Point Carbine in .380 is more useful in any situation were concealment isn't an issue.


  1. Shouldn't be for recoil sensitivity as a 9mm carbine that isn't featherlight is going to be almost nothing.

    The ONLY thing I'm thinking of is for people who have enough sense to want ammo compatibility between their carbine and pistol.....but not enough sense to buy a used Glock 17 which will probably fill the void both guns fill for about the same money.

  2. I don't think it makes any sense either... BUT... I've known a few people who were hell bent on stocking as few different cartridges as they possibly could. And a few others that felt the same way about magazines... Assuming that they had chosen a .380 as a carry pistol, which is not an entirely irrational choice... then a .380 carbine might have some appeal to them, especially if it could use the same mags as their carry pistol... However, I certainly wouldn't choose a High Point for a carry pistol (they tend to be bulky and heavy), especially compared to similar higher quality pistols from other brands. Now I think their carbines are actually better products compared to the market than their pistols are... but they would still rarely be my first choice. I have one of their carbines in .40 S&W, but it was mostly to do a favor for a friend who needed money more than the carbine and who's pride could accept selling something he didn't need more than taking a hand out. I can respect that. It is also worth noting that while they certainly don't look or feel very good in my opinion, High Point's pistols in practice actually tend to be more durable and reliable than you'd expect given the inexpensive materials and sometimes crude appearing workmanship. I guess the bulk and weight must be a sort of Soviet-ish nod towards overbuilding to compensate for lack of materials science and also sort of reminiscent of the old comblock, High Point's designs seem to be about as simplistic as possible (blow back instead of locking breech, single stack mags, etc). Anyway, I've put enough rounds through that High Point .40 carbine to know that while it would not be my first choice... if it were my only choice due to say, restrictive budget... that it would probably serve well enough to get by.

    1. I'm laughing at you describing Hi Points like my readers don't know what they are!

      I can't tell from Hi-Point's web page if their .380 Carbine takes the same mags as their .380 Pistol.


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