20 April 2019

20 Years Of Safety

One of the crowning achievements of the Clinton administration was the Gun Free School Zones laws.

The administration and legislators must be particularly proud of how two crazed teenagers were unable to bring firearms and improvised explosives into a high school due to this law.

Credit is also due to the Johnson administration for signing into law a prohibition on making "destructive devices", such as pipe bombs, without first obtaining permission from ATF and paying a $200 tax.  This same law also makes it impossible for someone to purchase a firearm for someone else who cannot buy it for themselves, thus denying the teens of several firearms they wished to use in their thwarted attack.

Many lives were saved that day, as many as 15 and perhaps 24 additional injuries from gunfire were prevented.

Bravo! President William Jefferson Clinton, for your courage in doing something effective to stop gun violence.

You really made a difference.

1 comment:

  1. To be fair, IMHO the Clinton-era firearms legislation did materially contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the Beretta Cx4 carbine (the swoopy bit connecting the pistol grip to the stock transformed the pistol grip into a thumbhole stock that didn't count as an evil feature).


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