26 April 2019

Spreading A Rumor

From an unconfirmed and often unreliable source, second hand, (Arfcom) I have heard that the NRA board asked for Wayne LaPierre's resignation.

The same source said he stormed out and refused.

Can anyone at the convention confirm or deny?


  1. Oh, please, please, please, please, PLEASE.

    Who does he think he is, the Mayor of Baltimore (who is on a leave of absence and supposedly ill, so apparently the City of Baltimore can't fire her or something... You can buy her children's book on Amazon for $199.99 (no, seriously, not a misprint.)

    OldNFO has been keeping updates going, but nothing on this kerfluffle...

  2. Very interesting; hadn't heard. Please keep us posted. Thank you!

  3. Confirmed, it was Oliver North and Ackerman McQueen, and he has refused.

    1. So he can keep his job because he's Wayne? Can't they fire him?

  4. According to Lapierre, Ack Mack basically issued a Blackmail warning and North delivered it.

    A reminder, we do not belong to Ack Mac nor they are the NRA, they are the hired help.

    I may not like the NRA's situation here, but having outsiders trying to dictate shit is not kosher.


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