19 April 2019

Because I Am Not Batman

I stumbled across a thread discussing people's everyday carry.

The piles of stuff some people were lugging around would put Batman's utility belt to shame.

I don't know about you, but my name isn't Bruce Wayne and, as much as I wish it were otherwise, I am not a billionaire playboy.

It's playing the odds.

Do I need to have a gunshot first aid kit with me at all times?

Probably not.

At the range?

Probably not.  But adding one to the gun bag is less cumbersome than everyday.

Because of The Precious I am more bulk sensitive than others.

Because of my shattered legs and the consequences I am also more weight sensitive.

Lord knows that if I could lose about 100 lb. I'd take care of much of both problems.  A consequence of living with my injury is an inability to do much that gets my metabolism going.  Recent adventures in wrenching demonstrated how much slower I have to go than when I was young.

That same crippling is why I carry a gun, at least.  I'm not running very fast or very far to get away from circumstances where I might need a gun.  Interestingly, that's led to being a lot more selective about where I go in the first place.

Better to not need to run, right?  Better to not need a full trauma kit in the first place.


  1. I have to agree with most everything you've said. Getting old sucks... But, it is better than the alternative.

  2. And who'd have thought I'd ever live to say that?

    1. Certainly not me. I thought sure I'd have attended your funeral by now.


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