10 April 2019

Ready For Reassembly

I cleaned out near a pound of debris off the condenser.  Ick.

Found the crack in the driver's side tank that started this week long adventure.

Transferred the fan assembly to the new radiator.

Just need a mechanically inclined helper to guide it into the engine bay.  One hand on the radiator, one moving the hoses and wiring out of the way.  FUN!


  1. Did you consider an all aluminum radiator? I put one in my 2000 k2500 and it has never gotten above normal operating temp even when towing!!

    1. I did. Most of them are MUCH thicker and support a lot more horses than I'm making. Price wasn't much different, but you need to do some mods to the mounting to get everything in.

      More work than I wanted to do.

      The issue wasn't that the car overheated, it was that the 12 year and 162k mile plastic tanks decided to get brittle and crack.

      All in all I've had good luck with the plastic tanks and aluminum centers.

      Marv has had awful luck with all aluminum, we just got done replacing an expensive one in his '96.

    2. Forget what I said about the price. Double to triple what the AC/Delco part runs.


      Maybe when I'm rich and can afford the supercharger...

    3. 2000 silverado was 165$ on eBay. They sent me a radiator for a 32 ford hotrod. I got them to send me the correct one and asked for a ups label to ship the wrong one back. Never got it so after two months I gave up. Know anybody that needs a ford radiator ?


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