03 April 2019

Even You

In the way back...

I was going to be a psychologist.

One of the neat things, for a starving college student, is psych students get asked to participate in all kinds of studies and experiments.  They pay you!

I signed up for one which, to my disappointment, had me attend a series of lectures.

It's easier to skip to the end rather than trying to keep you in suspense.

The experiment was about influencing groups of people and the lectures were translated and repackaged Hitler.

They hired an excellent speaker to give us that lecture and we got caught in the moment and were ready to do his bidding!

The last lecture had us a bit nervous because they brought the cops.  Not campus cops, real State Troopers.

There was no last lecture.  It was the reveal.

They explained what the experiment was and how we'd be influenced and if we needed counseling it would be provided for free.

It was a jarring experience.

One interesting thing, that led to my political awakening, was the part about how the people we were being riled up to hate was chosen.  At random.  It didn't matter whom, as long as they were different from the carefully vetted audience.  The difference didn't even have to be very big.

The explanation stuck with me, and it's very scary shit.  Be extra wary of anyone sowing division among the citizenry.

Because anyone can be the Jew.


  1. Hey Angus;

    You got a point, the "Jew" can be anyone that the "cloud people" decide is the latest group to be hated on...Right now it is the MAGA crowd, wonder who the next group will be?

  2. It's terribly frightening, and it's done with emotion.

  3. One big difference between Germany's Jews and our MAGA crowd, we are armed and ready to go to war.

  4. Social Studies teacher did this in 7th grade. Eye color was the issue. Stuck with me very much. Have questioned the current paradigms since. Which is pretty easy for me, as I have always looked for the man behind the curtain who's pulling the strings.

    Knew a guy once, nicest seeming guy, could get you to agree to just about anything, you'd walk away, magic pixie dust would fall away from your eyes and ears and suddenly you'd start making sense again. Of course, he was a siding and used car salesman, and did quite well.


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