04 April 2019

The Joy Of Two Dead Cars

The driver's side tank on the Vette's radiator split today.

162k miles...  $225.

The Biscayne has been yard art for a while.

It's needed tires for a while.  $540.

The steering linkage is worn.  $200.

Probably needs new control arms.  $400.

The AC compressor is locked up.  $300.

The paint is shot.  $ let's not talk about it.

The carpet needs replaced, but I have new carpet in the closet.

The seats need reupholstered.  No idea on that.

The tach needs calibrated.  Got the stuff, need to get up Marv's ass to do it.

The dash is apart because the tach needs calibrated.  The dash bezel needs lots of fixing because the plastic is ancient and brittle.

The gas that's in it has been there for at least a year.

This is not a small revival.

There's a part of me that screams that I can get a mini-van for what getting it running would cost.

I like to work on her, but I need the time and the money.  Those are not forthcoming.


  1. Minivans are great for carrying around weapons, ammo, supplies, and so forth.

    But... they do lack the coolness value of a Biscayne or a Vette.

    On the other hand, MVs provide protective camoflage amongst other PascoCountyites...

  2. Believe me, I know how you feel!


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