17 April 2019

Dry Rot

One of the hoses that connect the metal fuel filler pipe to the tank is leaking on The Biscayne.

Huge shock that after 29 years some dry rot might have set in.

What actually surprises me is that nobody seems to know what size these hoses are.  I've found posts from 2011 where people are complaining that GM discontinued the parts (10228630 and 10228632) but nobody chiming in, "It's just a x" long hunk of y" fuel line."

Of course, the leak did not present itself until the tank had all 23 gallons of gas in it.

Got to drive off a few pounds of gas before I drop the tank to yank the hoses and take them to the parts store to get a couple hunks.

I'll post those sizes when I have them.

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