06 April 2019

Why Would I Want It

Watching Mr Bartocci talk about the differences between the P320-M17 and M17 Commemorative and I am struck...

Lacking a collector motive to buy one, if I have a Glock 17 or a S&W M&P-9; do I need one?

Odds are, you don't.

Odds are, I don't; I have both a Glock 17 and a S&W M&P-9.

I only have a Beretta M9 because I was, briefly, issued one.

I've never been issued an M17 and I never will be.  The urge to own one is much lower.

It's got no service history to make me want one.  No cachet of, "what has this gun seen in its life?"

My M1911A1 has both the issued to me and service history cachet to get me to buy one.

My semi-auto M16A2 clone has the issued cachet.  The M16 and M16A1 clones have the history...

I do, kinda, wanna shoot a 320 to see if I like it so much I'd sell all my other plastic fantastic 9mm's...

Except the Glock 17 is in the pile from "issue" nostalgia too.  I bought one when our M9's got held up after we'd turned in our M1911A1's and ammo but had drawn 9mm NATO already.  I carried one for our one trip to the Czech-German border.


  1. we just got them at work. impressed with the grip, more ergo, but the top half is classic clunky chunky 2x4. the trigger was nice. even though i had the chance to buy one half priced, i passed. got all of the classics except the cz75. the new wonder nine does not interest me at all. just my take. armorer with 29 years military, for what it's worth.

    1. 29 years? Pffft! Everyone knows that 40 is where your opinion starts to matter, and only if you work for Gunsite. ;) Jokin'.

      From everything I've read, all these plastic 9mm are basically interchangeable for use, pick the one you shoot best and you're good.

      Sure, that takes some of the fun of constantly chasing the new hotness...

      I wouldn't even HAVE my M&P except The Lovely Harvey and Marv decided that they hated Glock and we agreed to get the same pistol out of hurricane considerations.

  2. I have a standard P320. Both full sized and one with compact and carry sized frames.

    I like it.

    I do not think the P320-M17 adds anything to the platform I need. The only thing I could see wanting would (possibly) be the removable plate for a pistol mounted optic.

    If you could borrow or rent one, I would say try it out side by side with the Glock & M&P, but I generally agree that EFFECTIVLY the tactical tupperware is interchangeable. Using the funds for more ammunition and practice time is probably more effective than chasing a "perfect gun."

    I do also like my Beretta PX-4. :)


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