30 April 2019

Anyone Hazard A Guess (Updated)

Cuban Picadillo Recipe I linked to by mistake.

Wanna bet it's booger hook on bang switch interaction?

Link to actual article!


  1. The Cuban picadillo you liked to looks pretty tasty. I'll check back later to see the story you were trying to link to. 😉

  2. Yep! Can almost guarantee it was a finger on the trigger issue. A 5 minute web search of the school led me to the schools official Twitter account. On which a few months back there was a pic of the (presumably) SRO in question. He was wearing a safariland holster for a light bearing gun. Which you can get your finger in with the gun holstered. I mean, if that was the case he would have had to have been seriously absent-minded to be finger-banging his holster while daydreaming and leaning against a wall, but still... it is the most likely scenario in my mind.


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