08 April 2019

Rearview Mirror Glue

The inside mirror on The Biscayne has fallen and can't get up.

Two different applications of the Permatex brand adhesive have released the button while trying to get he mirror to click back into place.

Mutter mutter mutter.

Going to try the 3M brand this evening.

Eyes crossed.


  1. Had this happen to me a couple of times. Clean the crap out of that glass, use 91% alcohol, let it dry and do it again before mounting. On the mirror side, razor blade ALL of the old glue off and then use a very find grit (1000 or more) wet sandpaper with alcohol to clean it completely. If you have a flat steel plate or stone surface, use that as support. Then follow the glue instructions. I don't recall what brand I used but it came from a McParts. Mirror stayed in place after the extreme cleaning and pressing the base on for an extended period (until arm tires). Some of the glues get harder and cure with UV from the sun, you should be good in that department if you do it mid morning.

    1. The 3M stuff works exactly like the stuff I used to fix it 20 years ago when it dropped for the first time.


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