18 April 2019

Pocket Packing

Summer is fast approaching in the Gunshine State.

It's been shorts weather here for about a week, and that means losing the cover garments which hide bigger guns.

The M&P-9 Shield is a bit heavier than the SIG P238 it's replacing, but it also gets more puissance from 9x19 instead of 9x17.

It's no more a bother than the S&W 640 I used to carry.


  1. Same size and probably lighter than the PM45 I'm packing in my front right pocket right now.

  2. For me, it is just a change in holsters - from the Don Hume IWB, which needs a jacket, to the Crossbreed Supertuck for the full size XD45.

    1. I've a list of physical ailments that keep me from doing much IWB; and The Precious doesn't leave me much room either.

      I covered it once, but the boil that went septic and almost killed me left a pucker on my right side that sits EXACTLY where the muzzle end of a full size gun will sit in virtually every IWB holster I've seen. That shit hurts!

      Being fat doesn't help in the slightest. My best efforts with my disabilities have only managed to arrest the gain, not reverse it. Don't jump off tanks, kids.


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