08 April 2019

Double Or Nothin'

Marv and I have a fake bet running.

Palmetto still has M&P-9 Sheilds on sale for $249.99.

Joking around when I'd ordered mine, I told him to hurry and order one for himself because the sale ended at noon the next day.

He "bet" me a nickel that it would be extended.

It was, and he "demanded" his nickel.

"Double or nothin'!" I cried in reply.

Day 1 I "owe" 5¢.
Day 2 I "owe" 10¢
Day 3 I "owe" 20¢
Day 4 I "owe" 40¢
Day 5 I "owe" 80¢
Day 6 I "owe" $1.60
Day 7 I "owe" $3.20
Day 8 I "owe" $6.40
Day 9 I "owe" $12.80
Day 10 I "owe" $25.60
Day 11 I "owe" $51.20
Day 12 I "owe" $102.40

My, that escalated quickly.


  1. Isn't there a fable on this effect?

  2. Hmm... Just a couple more days and he'd get a "free" gun.

  3. The House always wins...


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