05 April 2019

It's Unfair?

Mark Wahlberg got paid a shitload more for reshoots than Michelle Williams.

It's got to sting to find out that Marky Mark is smarter than you are.

Why did he get paid more?  Because he put an extortionate price in his contract in case of reshoots in an attempt to not have to do them.

Why didn't you think of that, Michelle?

I have a theory as to why Mr Wahlberg thought of it.  He came up from the music industry, where you get a hard lesson on contracts shoved up your ass dry every day until that first contract is finally fulfilled.

In essence, he got more money because he's more experienced, just not more experienced with acting.

It's not because he's a man and you're a woman.  It so very rarely is.


  1. Really good point. Foresight in contract writing...likely, as you note, from experiences in the music industry learned the hard way from hindsight.

  2. Maybe he just has a better agent and/or lawyer too.


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