11 April 2019

It's A Reducing Tee

There's a hose that goes from the pressure tank, tees into the throttle-body and keeps going to a nipple on the radiator.

The tee is plastic.

The tee is fragile.

The tee is broken.

GM does not sell the tee.  They sell the entire hose assembly.  P/N 10305352, $103.68.

$103.68 because a plastic fitting broke, and appears to be made from a plastic which is destined to fail.

99¢ nylon barbed union and bypass the throttle-body; here we come.

I've found a 10mm x 6mm x 10mm brass fitting which would replace the broken tee, but I'm getting conflicting reports about how bad this is with the DexCool and aluminum in the system from electrolysis.

Eyes crossed.

Update:  The tee fitting is required since they plumbed it into the steam-pipe crossover for the heads.

I'm getting sick of this project.

Every step forward has encountered a step back.  A week in and I'm not any closer to getting done.

As much as I love Amazon, the retail apocalypse means that simple projects now have built in wait times.


  1. Have you considered looking up a similar part in a McMaster-Carr manual or online? I am sure that someone has used a similar product somewhere.

    1. You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Should you find yourself in the Tampa area, I will certainly purchase you the beverage of your choosing.

      McMaster-Carr p/n 5121K861 is exactly what I needed, they even let my filter my search for "coolant". It's even a 10-pack so I will have some next time this happens.

    2. McMaster-Carr, they are the Brownells of the weird parts world. Glad I could help you.

      And I bet the ones from McM-C are better quality than the ones sourced from some turd-world country made from ex-drink bottles.

      Glad I could help. And I bet they even have those weird clip pliers, too...

    3. I like the fact that McM-C lists the part as designed for use in a chemical environment. Makes me wonder if someone on the staff had the same problem as you....

  2. McMC and Grainger are both my last resort suppliers because of cost, however, they usually have what you NEED in an emergency.

    My thought was to find an aluminum "T" fitting, surely they do exist. Great that you got it resolved.


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