15 April 2019

Lie Back And Think Of England

Red flag laws are an infringement of all of our rights that are supposed to be protected by The Constitution.

You will never be allowed to face your accuser.

You are denied due process before you receive the punishment.

You are guilty until proven innocent.

You are not secure in your person, papers and effects.

It is prior restraint on your free speech because it creates a chilling effect on expressing innocent thoughts which can be taken out of context.

To stand there and say, "submit meekly and let the court sort it."

It's cowardly submission suggested by someone who will get a special consideration because of whom they are.

I do not like it.

It is not how things should be.

I do not want to burn in the camps later regretting that I didn't do anything.

These laws need repealed.

The agents who carry out these seizures need to be prosecuted for denying civil rights under the color of law.

Someone is going to get shot.

The really sad thing is these are a goad.  They are deliberately creating an intolerable situation to see if they can get a "revolutionary" reaction to show the public that guns need to be banned completely; and/or to see if we will submit to the intolerable, meekly and without physical resistance.
Submitting, meekly and without physical resistance is what is suggested by the "experts".

Funny, they don't seem to be saying much against the laws or demanding they be repealed.  They just tell us how we should submit.

Even more intolerable is the process of submission and supplication to regain your rightful property is, in fact, the punishment.  Punishment for committing no crime.

Punishment without conviction.


  1. I am old enough that there's not a lot to lose by saying "Enough!"

    I suspect there are many people thinking the same, and the elites know it, because my life insurance policy renewal now includes a new disqualifying clause. Paraphrasing: "No payment if the death is due to LEO actions arising from the deceased actively resisting substantively legal laws."

    It's weird because they'll pay if I shoot myself (suicide), but not if I shoot a cop first and his colleagues kill me.

  2. I can't shake this feeling that it's going to become like allegations of domestic abuse and just get worse and worse and worse.

    Some large percentage of divorces now have an allegation of abuse, even if there has never been something reported to police, no police visits, nothing. I can see invoking the red flag laws to hassle or punish the spouse during a divorce.

    I can see the kind of neighborly dispute that has largely just simmered on low turning into a neighbor alleging the other guy is unstable and the cops swoop in and red flag the guy. First, it's, "your dog is crapping on my yard!" ... "Oh, yeah, your yard looks like crap and you're dragging my property value down!", then the SWAT team hits.

  3. Isn't it funny how the Democrats in particular seem to be rushing to piss on everyone's civil rights?


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