23 April 2019

Say The Words

I am becoming amazed at how hard the left works to avoid just saying things.

They cannot say that Christians are the victims of the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.

They cannot say that Moslems are the perpetrators of the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.

I was going to add that they cannot condemn antisemitism in their ranks... but that's not the same thing.


  1. I'm always amazed at how the media, supposedly competing companies, will come up with the identical phrase immediately. Within seconds of this story hitting, it was an "attack on Easter worshippers and tourists". That phrase was used word for word almost everywhere.

    1. It's been obvious there's been collusion for a long time.

      Perhaps it's time to charge them for colluding in the marketplace, that's supposed to be illegal.

    2. Just watching the media response to both the Pulse Nightclub and even worse, the Parkland shootings solidified in a lot of people's minds that there is one uni-Borgish-brain-thought pattern running throughout the media.

      I think John Ringo touches on this somewhat in "The Last Centurion" in regards to the takeover of stringers and B-roll news media by certain powers located in the middle east that pray to a stupid rock...


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