28 April 2019

You Can't Hide From Me

I set special ringtones in my contacts so I can tell who's calling without looking.

With my Moto X2, Willard's was "moto".

"Moto" is a completely different ringtone with the Moto Z3.

The default ringtones are also concealed in the hidden system directory.

The easy way of getting to those files, plugging the phone into a computer, is eliminated by the hiding.

But one of the file manager apps I put on the phone can see that directory.

Select all, share to email, email them to myself.

Plug the Z3 into the computer and put the ringtones I want into user accessible ringtone folder...


One oddity is I changed the name from "moto" to "chomps" and I have two "moto" listed in the ringtone list; but it shows as "chomps" in the folder.

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