05 April 2019

Bite Me

The CMP has posted:

It has been brought to our attention that some customers are receiving their 1911 and posting on Gun Broker and other such sites for resale. This was not the intention of the program. If you are found to be reselling these pistols you will be banned from purchasing from the CMP for an indefinite period.

Red and bold in the original.

Sorry, guys, but it's MY property now; you don't get to decide what I do with it.

It's bad enough to essentially force everyone to prove they're not criminals three times before taking our money and giving us the guns; now you seek to dictate what we do with them?

What if I wanted a gun that was all Colt?  What if I insisted that I get the same Colt/RemRand mix I had in the service?

What if I was simply unhappy about the amount of sandblasting present?

Marv's is a lot more blasted than mine, and the proceeds from selling it would go a long way towards getting a less worked over gun.

But if he does, and they catch him, then he can't buy a Garand later?


Some have commented that the paperwork we signed in requesting these guns says we agreed to not resell them.  That same language is in the paperwork with Garands, and there are a couple guys in the local show circuit who're definitely buying the annual limit and selling them on rather than using them as agreed.

This ain't going to affect me.  My CMP M1911A1 is part of my estate.

As soon as the cars are all fixed, I might just wander up to Anniston and see if there's a Garand with my name on it.  I kinda miss Rosie.

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