14 April 2019

It Is Done

The Precious is repaired.

It cost a lot more than I wanted because I had to buy the genuine GM upper and lower radiator hoses because the Dayco brand ones from AutoZone just don't fit.

That's because I have the RPO: KPS extra cooling.  The radiator is different from the base Corvette, so needs special hoses.

Apparently there aren't enough Z51's out there for the aftermarket to make hoses for them.

I prolly could have gotten them $40 cheaper if I was willing to wait yet more days, but...

The AC held pressure and is blowing cold air.  We think we got the pressures right, but we'll have to wait for a good cold day to be sure.

Having The Biscayne up at the same time makes this such a winning week despite all the angst.

I also managed to get the oil changed in The Nox for Harvey too!

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