21 April 2019

Slow Fade

It's fast becoming time to replace my Mac Pro.

This is a sad day because the machine is still up and running as well as the day I opened the box.

What's pressing it into obsolescence is the standards of current browsers make the browsers I can still run fail to work.

Soon I will not even be able to log into Flickr to upload or download pics for this blog.

I do still have the Bootcamp install of Win7 Ultimate that lets the machine keep working, but that side cannot even see the 3tb internal RAID and cannot write to the Drobo.

The Drobo thing can be fixed by reformatting it to a PC standard, but I need to find a place to put the data in the meantime.  That will also mean that there will be no writing to it from the Mac side.


Looking at the options brings the specter of gaming again.  DCS is a fine flight simulator and making a new machine means considering enough hardware to play it.

Looks like $700 will get me there.

Anyone wanna buy some Mosins?


  1. I would love to have a Mosin.
    Should have bought one 25 years ago when they were cheap.

    1. How about slightly less than the expensive prices that places like Classic want?

  2. You need to move out of blogger and into your own domain in a webhost that allows you to upload pics directly and not depend on a third party.
    Let me know if that is something you might be interested in doing.

    1. I suspect I will still encounter the obsolete OS and out of date browser problem there as well.

    2. You do need a computer built after Jobs go the cancer.

      I have space in my webhosting account if you want to move. It would be Wordpress, and there is a way to move the database from blogspot to wordpress but I am not sure about the pictures.

    3. Since most of my pics are linked to Flickr, I think they move as long as the hotlink verbage isn't different.


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