12 April 2019

To A Tee

Because they weren't really expensive... individually, I've got several 3/8 x 1/4 x 3/8 reducing tees on the way.

Polypropylene, brass and stainless steel plus the expensive GM assy that someone put on ebay for half price new in wrap.

The poly looks closest to the GM part, but I am nervous about the spec sheet at McMaster-Carr saying the material is only good from 32° F to 250° F.  How hot does that line get?  While it's been a while, I have had The Precious in freezing weather overnight before.

Brass was easiest to find and will arrive first.  Brass raises the specter of electrolysis in the cooling system because DexCool™ has a reputation of being hard on brass, bronze and copper.  That reputation was earned years ago and there's been at least one reformulation to deal with the issue since.

Stainless appears to be the ideal here.  No corrosion or temperature problems.

The genuine GM part...  I think I might take it apart and dimension the plastic tee and see about having some made in stainless and see if the Vette stores will carry it.  Might be a money maker if I can get the price well below the GM assy.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you found a plethera of tees to use. Hope at least one of them works for you. And now you'll have tons of backups, too.


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