08 April 2019

What About Mak?

One thing you can say about many 9x18mm Makarov chambered pistols is they're cheap affordable.

On the surface you'd think they'd compare will with The Sheild.

GURPS stats:

The Sheild gets more shots and does more damage for the same weight.  Plus you get better sights and an easier safety to operate (unless you count the 20 lb. double action trigger on the P-64 as a safety.)

Average of 8 per shot and 64 per load with the Smith, 7 per shot and 49 per load with the Pole.
Changing to hollow points gets the same sort of spread with 10.5 per shot and 84 per load for the Shield and 9 per shot and 63 per load with the Łucznik.

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