06 April 2019

I Wasn't Tony Stark

In the way-back I played Champions quite a bit, all the way through 4th Edition.

My principle character was a powered suit guy.

He could fly, teleport, and shoot energy blasts in every iteration.  Some had claws for a hand-to-hand killing attack, some had a prehensile tail.

My inspiration was Alpha Flight's Guardian, not Iron Man; but my constant tinkering with the suit led to an arc more reminiscent of Stark's various marks.

The public ID started as a research scientist for the in-game equivalent to Stark Industries, he basically embezzled the tech he used to make his first couple suits.  The GM was learning stock options and stuff in college, so my guy took some and got rich.  Then he founded a competing company for consumer "super" gear and got richer.

Being an aviation buff, I named the suits (and the character) after the 'Cat' series of fighters from Grumman.

Wildcat was the starting point.
Hellcat was the Wildcat updated with experience.  Just more of everything.
Bearcat scaled back a little on the firepower and upped the Speed stat.
Tigercat was really fast, had powerful attacks and could see in the dark.
Tomcat was the pinnacle of the series.  A flying energy projecting brick at this point.

At some point my character's son became a costumed hero too.  Alley Cat.

Later on we had to reboot the world somewhat with a lower point level.  My character's public ID had lost everything fighting criminal charges... industrial espionage from adapting tech from a defeated villain.  It was either go through the legal drama or admit where he'd really gotten it.  The other side wasn't eager to admit they were funding a powered suit villain than I was willing to admit to being a powered suit hero.

So a stealth, infiltration version got made...  Prowler.

Prowler has even been converted to GURPS.  The others?  I don't seem to have the character sheets anymore.  I could probably recreate the whole character.


  1. So you were '...his non-union Mexican equivalent!"

    Señor Starkino.


    1. Senor Stark es Bueno. ¡Senor MacTavish es El Diablo!


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