01 August 2019

Let's Misunderstand Capitalism

Miguel found this.

OK, gun banners, buy Wal Mart out of .223 Remington.

Do you know what you just did?

Sent a signal to Wal Mart Corporate that .223 Remington is in high demand and they should order more so as to not run out again.

Wal Mart's order for more ammo will cause the manufacturers to make more .223 Remington relative to other calibers; or expand production capacity.

Liberals don't understand capitalism.  This plan will lead to there being MORE .223 Remington for sale, not less.

Ironically, a refusal to buy this ammunition would have the effect they want... except we gun owners already buy enough for Wal Mart to keep stocking it regularly.

Liberal morons (redundancy alert) buying or not buying ammo will not eliminate it.

Just about the only effect this might have is some police department might get some more trigger time because they have some free ammo for training.

Hey... weren't the liberals all "fuck the police" not all that long ago about Bureau of Land Management Black Lives Matter?  These idiots need to make up their gorram minds about if we can trust the cops or not.


  1. This idiot lives about 30 miles from me. Obviously doesn't understand that if you buy it they'll just make more. Even if you buy one store out, it won't significantly change anything in the long run. Even if every liberal started buying up all the ammo they could, basically all it would do would be to double ammo sales and cause massive profits for the ammo makers, distributors and retailers. I guess that isn't unlike the massive increase in ammo and firearms like AR15 sales when Obama came into office.

  2. Oh... is he going to start buying up all the 7.62x39 or other similar cartridges or is only the .223 "evil"? What a maroon.

  3. Hey Angus;

    *Snort* Tulammo? Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahah*Deep breath*Hahahahahhhaaahhhhahahahaaaahahaahahah
    Ok I'm done now.......hehehehehehahahahahahahahah.....Seriously now...I'm done.....

  4. Tulammo is fine for mag dumps and stuff. Not exactly high quality or precision. Fairly reliable from what I've seen, albeit a bit dirty. But then again I don't think most mass shooters care about such things. Of course most of them are Democrats, and usually know very little about firearms in general. But anyway, it is kind of ironic that a raging anti-Trumper is not only fueling the profits of the firearm industry by buying ammo, he's supporting RUSSIA! And I bet he's just as clueless about that as he is about economics.

  5. Are you sure this isn't a campaign secretly sponsored by stockholders in the main ammunition manufacturers? If so, I approve...I love good sneaky!


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