16 September 2020

It's Odd Because It's An Itch Already Scratched

I dunno why I want that retro version of the Mossberg 590.

I don't shotty.

I own my Remington 870 Express because a 12 or 20 gauge pump shotgun is on my list of guns every gun owner should own.

It's got almost all of the features of the Mossberg and is already paid for.  It's better than the 590 because it's got them spiffy Sage sights on it.  I could even put the wood back on if I've a mind to.

Something to keep in mind is it doesn't appear that one should own a Remington and a Mossberg shotgun.  Just as you shouldn't mix Glocks and 1911s or AKs and ARs.

I don't need to go retro, because I have vintage! The Winchester Model 12 Heavy Duck is verra nice.

It even breaks down into an easily transportable size, plus I have a leather case for it.

 It also sits in the safe, unfired.

The wants, of course, are not bound by logic.


  1. That's a nice Winchester and case. Neat.

    Shotguns fill a niche.

    Shotguns with bayonets? I hear my 870 whining at me.

    1. I still feel a little bad about how I got the Winchester.

      The magazine tube had gotten twisted 180 off and jammed.

      Willard said, "If you can fix it, you can have it." because he was sick of futzing with it.

      He'd just finished saying, "If it takes you 15 minutes to fix, lie to me and say it took hours," just as I said, "FIXED!"

      He said, "Enjoy your shotgun."

      I feel bad about it because it was once his Grandfather's gun.

      It's cherished here, nonetheless.

    2. Links to the parts you need at the bottom of the post: https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2019/09/stabby-shotty.html

  2. That old Winchester is awesome. I'm thinking your friend wanted you to have it - that is a GOOD friend !

    Safety locations of Remington and Mossberg pumps can confuse a person when the chips are down. I prefer the tang safety of the Mossberg, but a pistol grip design really messes me up on fast manipulation of removing safety. The pistol grip and shoulder stock helps absorb recoil, but is also bulky. Dang accomodations have to be made I guess.


  3. One doesn't need excuses to get their hands on an uber cool weapon.
    Like I've said before I love my retro.
    Matches perfectly with my old school Springfield 1911.


    1. I'm not making excuses. Excuses come when The Lovely Harvey says, "ANOTHER?"

      I'm marveling that I want another shotgun when I have two that I don't really shoot.

      Near as I can tell it's just "OOOOOH! Shiny!"

      OOOOOH Shiny! sells a lot of guns and accessories. They know I'm weak. Predators only hunt the sick and weak.

  4. The lizard brain wants what it wants.

    I also don't shotty, but I'm still hankering for a Vang Comped 870 with a mini red dot only mount and/or a Suarez Tac-14 with rifle sights.

  5. I've got more than enough shotguns... Siaga 12, Remington 870 Stevens/Savage 67E (12ga, vent rib, wood stocks, basically a bird gun), Fox Sterlingworth SxS, Marlin 16ga single, Savage 59B .410 and a pre-68 generic 20ga single. I've had most of them for years except the Siaga, and that's the only one that has been shot much lately. That thing is a "lead delivery system". AK action semi auto with 20 round box magazines.


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