24 May 2022

Do You Like Tomatoes

The Lovely Harvey and I are fond of tomatoes, so she decided to try our hand at growing our own.

Lack of choice at Home Depot led to her getting two Biltmore tomato plants.

One is doing OK, the other is dying.

But we've gotten a crop from the good one!

With more on the way.

They are not large tomatoes, between 2" and 3" in diameter; but they are very flavorful!


  1. Tomatoes can be finicky.. are you using good soil? Hows the water? Really hard or salty (water softener) may be harmful. They like acidic soil, so look for a fertilizer tailored to acidic plants.

  2. Do tomatoes grow all year round at your latitude. In the UK the long winter nights mean they don't get enough light to grow through the winter, even if they're kept in a greenhouse. However, if you supplement with growlamps, you can get three of four years out of one plant, rather than buying fresh every spring, as most in the UK have to do.

    1. Technically we can grow year round. We're no good at tomatoes, we're lucky we're getting what we've gotten so far. The plants are clearly not doing well and we're just not doing a good job of saving them.

      The peppers, on the other hand! We've got bow-tie and poblanos coming!


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