18 May 2022

Spaceship Design

I always drew up deckplans and external profiles of the ships I designed in Traveller.

Ships that would never touch atmosphere got fins.

When asked why I replied that they looked cool.

This often got responses along the lines of, "nobody would really do that."

Sir, I have been to far too many car shows and seen the automotive equivalent of fins on a spaceship to ever think that nobody would ever do that.


  1. I want a BIG American spaceship... with TAIL FINS! Yep. Someone would do it.

  2. Well, you did say ship rather than boat, so they're going to have jump drives. The fins may serve a purpose in hyperspace, and I defy any of your detractors to show that they don't.

    1. FuzzyGeff was there when I had some odd shaped ship designs that didn't seem to make any practical sense, but looked neat.

      I came up with the justification that hyperspace required the shapes in a form of "streamlining" that improved efficiency. Efficiency not reflected in the rules, but a color note for the game.

  3. The T4/FF&Sv2 answer for "why the fins" gets to include "I needed surface area to radiate out all the heat produced by the various ship systems. Since I needed extra surface area anyway, I decided to add area in a way that looks cool."


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