13 May 2022

Randy Weaver

I'm not going to mourn him too hard.

The man was too close to a racist to admire much even if I had a lot of sympathy for him and antipathy for his foes.

But I am still waiting on MY check from the FBI, because they didn't do anything to me either.

He got a big check for them not doing anything to him after all.  They said so, more than once.


  1. Yeah, not sure I consider him a 'hero' either. Call him a victim of circumstance. My understanding is that he was a white separatist (races to remain tribal and not mingle). What he did go through was bad. His son was shot at the beginning of conflict. Then wife was shot as well several days later. I don't think Weaver fired a single shot at any one. Gerry Spence (his attourney) wrote in one of his books (From Freedom to Slavery) about the case.

    His jury award was hush money. Don't pursue this in court any further and take the money. I think he was thinking of his family in accepting this. Either way, his son and wife are gone for good. Maybe they are now reunited. RIP Mr. Weaver.


  2. I try not to judge people too harshly, not knowing what circumstances made then the way they are.
    On the face of it, he was singled out because he didn't want to be part of a sick society, and had some reason to want to just be left the fuck alone.
    Of course, gov't can't let you do that, can they?
    No matter what he did, he did not deserve to have his son & wife murdered before his eyes by an out-of-control government.
    Which is even worse now than it was then.


  3. Weaver was a Separatist - NOT a racist and there is a HUGE difference you moron.

  4. On the settlement, his three daughters got a million each and he got a hundred thousand. I did read an article years ago where the writer interviewed members of the HRT. They were given a “weapons free” order, but only one agent fired (we all know the name). An agent said that they weren’t killers, they joined HRT to rescue people.



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