16 May 2022

More 9 v 45

Marv and my liking of the balance of the M&P 45C led us to consider the M&P 9 compact.

That led me to keep an eye out for deals.

ARFcom mentioned such a deal the other day and we pounced!

Bud's Gun Shop has the M&P 9 M2.0 Compact marked down a LOT.  $150 off on the model with the safety and more than $200 for the one without a manual safety.

It's just a bit smaller than the 45C in every dimension, most prominently in length.

 It's not going to be replacing the Shield Plus in my pocket though:

The bonus to holdout offsets the extra five rounds under most conditions.

The magazine is a shorter version of the old M&P 9 with two fewer rounds.

That means that the 17-rounders will work in the compact, they just stick out a bit:

If that bothers you, S&W included some spacer sleeves to fill the gap.

Looking a little Glock 45 here, huh?

I know you were worried, so I checked:  Yes, the M&P 9 M2.0 Compact has a place to hook a lanyard!

It tips the scales at 2 lb. dead even loaded with 8.9 oz. per loaded magazine (2/0.6 in GURPS terms).

Next stop, The Range!

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