22 May 2022

Longmire Murder Capitol Of America

I'm not the first person to comment on how many murders per capita happen in this show, but that's not what I'm here to comment about.

Someone else was complaining that a character on the show said, one of the murders was done with a .45-70 round and "45/70.... That's a dead cartridge. The only thing your gonna find that shoots that is an antique sharps."


The gun you're gonna find will still be obsolete, but you can most definitely buy a brand-new one!  Marlin, for example.

.45-70 isn't dead, it's in production and still has a following.  As does .30-30 and .300 Savage.

As long as the guns are out there and in use, especially if new ones are still being made, a round isn't dead.

Hell, a round isn't dead even if there's no factory ammo!

Correction and update:  The person complaining was quoting a character on the show who'd said that .45-70 was a dead cartridge.


  1. Gee, I thought .45-70 was pretty much a default round for North America's big game, from mule deer to moose to grizzly bear.

    Besides the aforementioned Marlins and other guns, you can get a reproduction Colt Bulldog gatling in The Government Cartridge.

    Stupid people, even amongst supposed gun people.

  2. Longmire has a lot of stupid gun content because the writers were Californians. Either Thag or GFZ had a long post fscking all of the gun stupid in Longmire.
    I consider. 45-70 a common cartridge, based on the ease of finding factory ammunition and new rifles. Sportsman's Warehouse is a good indicator of common versus obscure and they list over 20 rifles and over 20 factory loads, although some are out of stock

  3. If you're really nuts American Derringer (which I am pretty sure is defunct) used to make their Model 4 in .45-70... I'm not quite that crazy. The Model 4 in .45 Colt/.410 is insane enough for me. I know McThag has.... "fond" memories of it. Just be glad it wasn't .45-70... or that thumb might really have been broken...


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