17 May 2022

That WHO Treaty

While it's dangerous that Brandon is going to sign a treaty that hands our healthcare over to the China dominated World Health Organization; I seriously doubt there's 2/3 of the senate who will sign off on the ratification.

People are already pissed about healthcare in this country.

I don't think a lot of senators are willing to fan that flame.


  1. Well, how many 'treaties' did Obama enter into without Senate approval? Since this is Obama's third term, well, Senate approval isn't needed according to those in charge.

  2. i wish i had your optimism.

    1. Yeah, what they said.
      Here's the way I see it? Since 2020, the whole of Swampville (wash d c) is illegitimate. If the presidential portion of election results is in dispute (putting it mildly), the rest of the results are too. Combined with the Constitutional Authority to ignore any illegal laws passed by the criminals, they can do whatever the fuck they want with pens, paper, and tv cameras....
      Just remember your drop tables, for 5.56 you want to hold bullseye just at the top of the little blue helmet for a chest shot, .223 aim maybe a skosh higher.


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