21 May 2022

Oldest Gun


My oldest gun is a Harrington and Richardson Automatic Top-Break 2nd Model 1st Variation. (top)

In the obsolete .32 H&R.

.32 H&R is very similar to .32 S&W Long dimensionally, and I've fired S&W Long from it without getting hurt.

Near as I've been able to determine it was made in 1891 and really shouldn't be firing smokeless rounds anyways.

This was the gun that Grampa kept in the tool-box at the gas station.

Because it was Grampa's, I cherish it beyond it's sale value.

My oldest firearm (bottom), because the H&R is pre-1898, is the gun Grampa kept under the counter of the gas station; it a Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Automatic 3rd Model in .32 S&W from 1911.  It's probably safe for smokeless rounds.

It carries the same sentimental value as the H&R.


  1. Some Fein Werks y've there, lad...Fer me to be older than me eldest gon, T'would need ta be a matchlock, some say...Others say a Stick wiffa sharpe rock tied aloong...God rest ye merrie...

  2. If you've fired .32 Long from it safely, you could certainly fire .32 S&W (.32 Short) from it.


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