19 May 2022


The normally reliable pawn shop that I have my internet gun purchases delivered to has decided that they need $35 plus tax to do a transfer instead of the $20 it's been for years.

A nearby pawn shop has changed from $25 plus tax for up to ten to $25 plus tax for EACH.

All that said, it's still cheaper to order from Bud's and pay the fee than to buy from most of the places that carry new guns.


PS: With 1972 being the cut-off date for C&R, I've been noticing that my wants don't need a third party all that much.  My wants don't miraculously create the money to buy them, but if it did... they would be delivered straight to my house.


  1. Still waiting on the BATF(E) (the E is silent) to re-set the C&R back to 75 or even 100 years.

    I also wonder if the BATF(E) has increased any fees on transfers.

    1. FDLE didn't increase the fees, those are determined by Florida Statute.

      AFT is loathe to open up the NFA and GCA in Congress because the pro-gun side will be adding all manner of things to any bill modifying them. Silencers and short barreled rifles would likely be nuked off NFA in any attempt to crank up the fees or change the rolling dates of C&R.

    2. And dare we hope Hughes and 922(r) would be on the table as well?

    3. The 50 year 'cut off' for C&R is by regulation, 27 CFR §478.26, not statute. And that means the Attorney General Garland can change it

    4. Dammit, you're right! Cat's out of the bag though, there's 8 years of AR-15 production in the wild and on the C&R books.

  2. When you say Buds Guns, do you means Buds in Sevierville, TN? I live nearby, and go to there and knife works when I can (aka credit card already maxed out).
    Don't know what the C&R means?

    1. C&R is a curios and relics FFL. It means that any 1972 or older gun is a collector's item and I don't have to use a normal FFL for the transfer, it can be shipped straight to me.

    2. Really? I did not know that, thanks. Is that like the older rifles (designated antique?) Pre 1897 or something? Is that a FLA only statute? I don’t think I can do that in TN.

    3. The C&R FFL is a real-live FFL you can use to purchase (at present) any firearm 50 year or older (or if it's on the list the ATF compiles occasionally). Anything made before 1898 is not a firearm and you don't need an FFL at all.

      It's federal, not just Florida. Some states don't let you use it to accept transfers directly, but most do.

      Tennessee allows for it! I looked it up for you.


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