28 June 2022

Brenda Parts List


Behind Every Blade of Grass (Brenda)

Part P/N Source Price Shipping

Stripped KP-15
Brownell's $99.00 $25.00
FDE blem
FDE Magpul MOE handguard
Midway USA $26.22 $11.09
Partial LPK
Palmetto State Armory $39.99 $8.50
Hammer, trigger, sear
Marv $0.00 $0.00

Buffer Assembly and Selector
Brownell's $34.97 $4.95

16” Midlength Upper Assy 5165457990 Palmetto State Armory $309.99 $17.00
Middy, nitride, 1:7, w/BCG and CH
Black Rear MBUS 100-006-787WB Brownell's $55.99 $4.95

$637.65 Total


  1. thank you :)...panzer guy

  2. I made my own version of a Brenda.
    I really like the PK-15 lower/stock but it has a couple of drawbacks. The retaining pins are not captured and are very tight (a good thing if they could be lost if they fell out). The molded in nuts for the butt plate screws tend to spin. I managed to replace the plate for one with a hidey-hole but it took some finagling. Otherwise the stock has a good feel and it's very pointable. A fakecog sight on an airsoft QD so I can throw it away if necessary. A LaRue trigger group that I managed to find on sale. Most MBUS iron (plastic?) sights you find on Ebay are fake. The real ones are much better quality. I don't normally keep track of what I spend on firearms but I'm pretty sure that without the optics it's still an under $700 rifle. --- Marv


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