25 June 2022

Three Miles An Hour

I know how fast I was going because I know how far I went and how long it took.

I walked around the neighborhood twice last night.

The loop was 1.5 miles and I did two laps.  It took an hour.

Gimping along on my cane.

My hips are not happy about this, nor is my right tibia.  I've always been fascinated that the right shin hurts worse than the left.  The right had three simple breaks where the left shattered.

Nueropathy don't care how severe things are, do it?

I need to do this more often, even if it does hurt.

Who knows, maybe the pain will get better?


  1. 3 miles an hour is a perfectly good walking pace. Good on ya.


  2. Agree with above comment. And in Florida heat 'n humidity - that is indeed a good pace. You are healing well. That pain issue about shattered leg hurting less than broken is strange - I'd expect the opposite too.

    We got a new dog a couple of months ago, one that moves at quite a clip, constantly pulling on lead. I'm attempting to train her into walking beside me, rather than in front so when she stops, I don't trip over her because I'm looking around. She is slowly learning if she matches my pace, she won't be choking herself so much. I'm not a dog trainer, so maybe I'm doing this wrong.

    Hope your healing process continues - jrg


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