29 June 2022

Style Note

I have a modest proposal.

When the margin of passage is made by RINO, do not call it bipartisan.

Gods for the day the Republican party punishes their members for being defacto Democrats.


  1. Angus - don't know what you did to your blogger software, but the font published is so small as to not be readable by my old eyes. It seems to have gone to 8 or 6 size font.

    1. https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2022/06/is-it-just-me.html?showComment=1656517578862#c2982547407147821620

      I didn't do it. It was done to me.

    2. Got that, am trying to see if I can fix it on this end so posts become readable, but so far have not found a way. Good ol' non ilegitimi carborundum

  2. I am to the point of not using the term RINO and just calling them Republicans.

  3. OK, the temporary fix (if you have a 23" monitor or larger) is to go to Firefox View tab and zoom in 2 or 3 x. This makes post readable. Comments on the other hand are perfectly legible so the zoom makes them superb.


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